Run A Muck Acres Dog Sport Centre is an ever growing work in progress as we expand our spaces for dogs, sheep, wee horses & their handlers to play. 

We currently offer two fully fenced and equipped, 3 weather rings for agility, a fully fenced and mesh fenced large round pen (for containment, freedom & success), many individually fenced fields to run and play, a wooded and trailed area around a huge pond that our dogs and some of the horses love to swim in. 

All of our property is dog friendly and we ask that you pick up after your dogs, keep dogs requiring a little extra space or privacy, on leash or contained in one of the areas intended for them, and that you maintain physical or voice control of your dogs at all times, especially around the horses or the sheep. We just added a fabulous 100 x 200 crush rock leveled parking lot to the property so that you can turn your horse trailer around, load & unload your carts, or crate dogs out of your vehicle if you choose, but we have plenty of green space near the rings, or a bit further away for tenting your dogs, or being able to have distance between the farm livestock or other dogs/people. There are 6 brand new industrial picnic tables for your socializing pleasure.