This is one of our most popular options available. This is a small group instructor led class. Classes offered range from puppy, flat work, skills/drills, starters, advanced to those who are more seasoned in the game of agility looking to shave off time and maybe shoot for a National Team. No matter your experience level, or history in the sport, you are in an encouraging space, with plenty of individual attention.

Please email for interest in current classes -



  • 8:00 AM - Beginner/Advanced

  • 10:00 AM -  Advanced

  • 12:00 PM - Rookies/Young Dogs - Zero to 20 Obstacles in 12 weeks

  • 2:00 PM - Masters

  • 4:30 PM Rookies/Young Dogs - Zero to 20 Obstacles in 12 weeks


  • 8 Masters (full)

  • 11-1230 Masters (full)

  • 1-230 Masters (full)

  • 6 Masters (after daylight savings - space available)


  • No classes currently on Wednesdays


  • 10 Masters

  • 12 Advanced

  • 2 Young Dog

  • 6 Masters (after daylight savings - space available)


  • 10 Advanced (one space available)

  • 12 Puppy Socializing & Foundations


Saturday & Sunday

available for semi-privates/privates and fun matches & trials


50 min class 3-4 students

  • $40/class when 4 classes (or 5, depending on the calendar month) are paid up front each month (second dog or class the same week, $35/class)

  • $40/class when committed & paying weekly or Monthly in advance

  • $50/class for drop-in (pending availability)

80 min class 5-6 students

  • $40/class when 4 classes (or 5 depending on the calendar month) are paid up front each month (3 student min to run classes)

  • $40/class when committed & paying weekly

  • $50/class for drop-in (pending availability)


Students are welcome to alternate dogs on each of their turns, but if they want to work multiple dogs each with their own spot, then the additional class cost minus $5, will apply (must be set up in advance, to ensure that there is space in a given class time)


It is student's responsibility to find someone to trade with (or sell to), if they are unable to attend a scheduled class, to reduce administrative time for Agility Unleashed.

In 2019, a FB group for all Agility Unleashed students was made available to post sessions that a student would like to sell or trade to make it an easier process to engage in.

If you have a vet note or a physicians note confirming injury, provisions can be made directly through Agility Unleashed.

* if the instructor is going to be away or scheduled to teach an out of town seminar or is hosting a trainer during a set of classes, students will be informed in advance and that month’s fees will reflect that alteration in scheduling