The Coaches

Dan Steel

Coach - Agility

As a world class barefoot water skier, Dan excelled quickly to Canadian Champion because of his desire to hone his craft and be the best he could be. That didn't change when he discovered agility. 

Dan is a dedicated life long learner and advocate for fun, safe and challenging courses for both dogs and handlers. It is his aim to assist all teams to set, work towards and meet their individual goals. Dan has spent countless hours on video analysis, seeking out mentors at the top of their games, investing in learning more so that he can be a more effective handler and instructor. He has an unwavering desire to be pushed and improve. 

Dan is a ShapeUp Dogs die hard for his own handling choice, but spent a focused 4 mos (with 4 skilled OMD Coaches from North America & Finland) learning the finer details of the OMD system and incorporating portions of that system to support his diverse dogs’ preferences for motion, verbals and independence, as well as his OMD system students. 

Dan’s teaching style is relaxed and without pressure. He wants you to reach your goals for your team, and to push yourself accordingly.


Coach - Agility, Fitness, Life & Mental Management
Canine Bowen Practitioner
Canine Emmett Practitioner
CCFT - K9FitCare

In keeping with her fulfilling career teaching nursing & a background in Psychology, Tina is passionate about seeing people and animals, achieve their full potential, inside any arena that they might find themselves in, both in the ring and out. She has played a crucial role in the continued success of Agility Unleashed. Her exceptional skill set, true passion and creativity has inspired growth and connection in individuals, in teams and in the community.